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DP Dermaceuticals SSSCAR

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DP Dermaceuticals SSSCAR


Skin Types – Scarred, Hyper Pigmented, Post – Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation, Pre- Operative

SSSCAR (Scar, Surgical, Striae, Contracture, Acne, Restore) is a scientifically formulated product that treats compromised skin and existing scars. It aids faster recovery and reduces the appearance of redness and discolouration. Scars and stretch marks become visibly softened and flattened. For keloids or atrophic scarring, the product in combination with Dermapen treatments allows the skin to normalise collagen synthesis cycles. SSSCAR can be used immediately following aesthetic and medical procedures including microneedling, incisions, tattoo application/removal and skin resurfacing.

The unique 7 – Silicone Liquid Sheeting System included in SSSCAR includes a combination of seven silicon variants, whereas most products on the market only use one variant. A key ingredient is silicone gel which is well – documented for the treatment of scars. This ingredient is also easy to apply, non-sticky, rapid drying, transparent and odourless.

  • 7 Silicone Sheeting System
  • Zinc
  • Silica
  • Beeswax
  • Safflower Seed Oil
  • Piperonyl Esters
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